Teltone introduces secure substation communications

BOTHELL, Wash., April 11, 2005 — Teltone Corporation, a provider of enterprise communications solutions, announced the availability of Gauntlet, a secure utility substation communications solution. New government regulations and audits are forcing utilities to carefully consider all potential weaknesses in their overall security strategy. In the substation environment, modem access is a common security concern.

Currently, most polling and control devices are accessed via dial-up modem(s) with limited password-only security or no protection at all. This leaves the substation function, data, and control at the mercy of malicious mischief and other common security threats. Protecting the power grid with hacker-proof secure communications is a must.

Teltone’s Gauntlet system answers the need to defend substation devices against threats and abide by new NERC (North American Electric Reliability Council) regulations by offering transparent encryption and authentication to prevent unauthorized calls.

Secure roaming communications for technicians on the road or in the field allow polling of devices from any PC or laptop. Multilayered caller authentication, centralized administration and asset management, and event logging are all part and parcel of the Gauntlet combined hardware and software solution.

The Gauntlet Gateway is built on proven, industry-standard phone line sharing technology: over 9,000 Teltone SSLSs (Substation Line Sharing Switches) have been deployed in North America. The Gauntlet innovative, modular architecture can be adopted all at once or over time, allowing large organizations to put their units in place incrementally and turn on security features according to any rollout schedule. None of a utility’s existing modems or protective relays, meters, fault recorders, etc. need to be modified or replaced to work with the Gauntlet system. Utilities also minimize substation infrastructure cost through phone line sharing. As with earlier generations of the Teltone SLSS, up to 8 substation devices can be connected to a single Gauntlet Gateway to significantly cut leased line costs.

“Gauntlet builds on the reliability of the SLSS and adds all the cyber security features needed to keep our power grid safe from unauthorized access,” commented Debra Griffith, Teltone president and CEO. “Ahead of NERC’s deadline, Gauntlet answers and exceeds NERC’s draft requirements and is guaranteed to support NERC’s final version via a free upgrade. The Gauntlet system will protect substations today and tomorrow.”

About Teltone

Teltone Corporation designs, develops and markets industry award-winning telephony solutions for utilities, businesses, government, and other organizations. Teltone currently offers three major product lines – secure utility communications solutions, rapid notification solutions, and telecom test platforms. Teltone is headquartered in Bothell, Washington.

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