Tenaid Technologies forms energy consulting practice to help new deregulated energy companies

HOUSTON, Texas, Oct. 15, 2001 – Tenaid Technologies announced today that they have established a Deregulated Energy Consulting Practice to help companies who are emerging in the Deregulated Electricity and Gas markets.

Tenaid has extensive experience in the deregulated energy markets, including specific intimate knowledge of the Texas Electric, Ohio Gas/Electric and Georgia Gas markets.

“We are in our fourth year of providing professional information technology consultants in the deregulated marketplace, working with companies ranging from the utilities to the retailers,” says Mike Welch, VP of Professional Services. “Having grown up in the deregulated business, Tenaid understands the complex transactions that make up this industry; the workflows required to process those transactions, and the business rules that dictate the path and boundaries of those workflows. Our experience ranges from implementing best of breed enterprise solutions to developing complete end-to-end custom solutions when required.”

“In response to the rapid expansion of deregulated energy markets, Tenaid is making our team of experts available to emerging companies that are concerned about implementation time and costs. Our experience in designing, building, and supporting back office billing and support systems, from enrollment to fulfillment, allows us to provide cost effective solutions for our clients,” says Tim LeFevre, Tenaid’s president & COO.

Some examples of Tenaid’s deregulated energy expertise include:

Back Office Deregulated Support System – The Back Office Support System developed by Tenaid is a portal that enables billing personnel, remittance analysts and managers to perform their jobs more efficiently and to better understand the overall health of the business and its processes. It allows the business to effectively manage the thousands of bills that are generated and sent out monthly, verifying that bills are valid, and allowing administrators to fix transactions that were unable to be processed by the billing engine. The Back Office Support System provides all the reports, work queues, validation and search utilities to support the following areas:

* Billing end-to-end reporting

* Remittance reporting and work queuing

* Consolidated billing

* Billing engine transaction work queue and reporting

* Bill validation

Utility Transaction Module – Generates and translates transactions that occur to and from the local utility distribution company – to either accommodate a customer’s request or maintain current customer information and status based on the utility specific guidelines.

Customer Information, Reporting, and Work Queue Management Module – Allows CSR’s and business users to update, report and manage transactions that were returned in error by the utility company to best serve the customer and comply with PUC guidelines. Dynamic reporting is used to generate daily extracts to produce customer lists for regulatory compliance and mail out, etc.

Billing Information and Consumption Validation Module – Allow clients to validate billing and consumption transactions.

Campaign Qualification and Management Module – This module allows our clients to manage nine (9) simultaneous campaigns, but is designed to accommodate an infinite number.

Prospect Management Module – In addition to managing current customer information, the system also houses information for over 300,000 prospective customers.

Mike Welch went on to state, “In addition to understanding our client’s business and developing solutions that meet the business’ needs, we also have experience helping run the operations of our client’s business. We have an intimate understanding of what is required to keep mission-critical billing solutions running. By understanding the day-to-day processes that must be in place, we help ensure that our client’s are getting bills out quickly and accurately.”

About Tenaid

Tenaid Technologies Inc. provides innovative Web and wireless software technologies supported by professional IT consulting services that empower businesses to rapidly create, deliver and manage their e-business solutions. Working closely with Global 2000 clients, Tenaid delivers cost-effective mid-tier and enterprise solutions that improve efficiencies, simplify information management and deliver a customized user experience. Tenaid is headquartered in Houston and has been private since its inception in 1997. Recently the company was selected to The Houston 100 (number 16, 465% 3 year sales growth), which recognizes the fastest growing private companies and The Houston FastTech 50, which recognizes the fastest growing technology companies. Information on the company’s products and services can be found on the Web at www.tenaid.com.

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