Texas Electric Choice web site logs one-millionth visitor

AUSTIN, Texas, August 20, 2002 — Interest in Texas’ new competitive electric market reached a new milestone recently when the Texas Electric Choice web site, www.powertochoose.org, logged its one-millionth visitor.

The web site was created by Texas Electric Choice, a public education campaign launched by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) to inform Texans of their right to choose the company that provides electricity to their home or business. The campaign also has a toll-free number (1-866-PWR-4-TEX) to answer customers’ questions about electric competition.

The powertochoose.org web site went live on February 1, 2001. Since then the site has logged more than one million unique visitors.

On January 1, 2002, a new state law gave most Texans the right to choose their electric company, or Retail Electric Provider (REP). Under the new system, customers can shop for an electric provider just as they do for long-distance phone service, a new car or stereo, or other products and services. Customers can choose their REP based on what matters most to them, whether it’s price, customer service, or renewable energy.

More than 330,000 customers have switched electric providers since the market opened.

“It’s great that so many people are showing interest in the competitive market this early on,” said PUC Chairman Rebecca Klein. “We realize that shopping for electricity is a new concept for a lot of people, that’s why we created the web site, so customers can learn how the new system works and how they can benefit from having a choice in electric providers.”

Other statistics about the Texas Electric Choice web site and Answer Center:

“- On average, 3,239 customers visit the Texas Electric Choice web site each day, totaling 12,493 visitors per week, and 53,782 per month.

“- The most popular section of the web site is the “Choose Now” section, where customers can enter their ZIP codes for a list of REPs offering service in their area.

“- To date, 36,245 have downloaded the Power Guide to Electric Choice, a comprehensive booklet that explains how the new competitive market works and how customers can benefit from having a choice of electric providers.

“- On January 2, the first full business day of electric competition, the Texas Electric Choice

“- Answer Center received its largest call volume to date, with 5,982 calls. Since then, the Answer Center has averaged 21,708 calls per month.

If you have any questions about electric competition or what’s changing in the Texas electric market, visit www.powertochoose.org or call the Texas Electric Choice toll-free at 1-866-PWR-4-TEX (1-866-797-4839), TTY 1-877-864-4725).

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