The Aleutian Group LLC acquires several international businesses

Geneva, Switzerland, January 28, 2003 — The Aleutian Group LLC (TAG) has acquired several internationally recognized businesses, including Altex Technologies, a Swiss company, GeoDigital Technologies, LLC, a United States company, and Opten, a Russian company.

Recognizing the need for a global approach to the problems faced by industries with intensive asset concentration and monitoring requirements, TAG will present customized solutions to its clients in an unparalleled fashion.

The Aleutian Group specializes in data acquisition and data solutions for the Electric Utility, Railway, Pipeline, Forestry, and Fiber Optic Industries as well as addresses data and utility security concerns of government agencies.

Under the TAG umbrella, the acquired companies will transfer and share their technologies, combine their marketing effort worldwide and jointly develop new data services and software under a comprehensive approach using a diverse base of technology, experience and understanding of customer requirements.

TAG provides a range of services to different industries, including terrain mapping (LiDAR) for wide areas and corridors, asset mapping, high-resolution digital imagery, multi-spectral inspection services including infrared and corona detection, geo-referenced digital video, three-dimensional imaging and modeling, data services for engineering and construction support, municipal mapping, forestry services and security monitoring.

The company will conduct ongoing research and development for advanced aerial cathodic monitoring and ground penetrating radar. The combined personnel have performed services throughout the world, including the United States, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Argentina, Venezuela, and New Zealand.

David Mitchel, GeoDigital’s Senior Vice President of Operations, commented: “GeoDigital welcomes the new services and capabilities that The Aleutian Group can offer to our existing customer base. Opten and Altex have excellent international reputations for their LiDAR capability, proprietary software, and support services.” GeoDigital has mapped more than 75,000 miles of electric utilities as well as performed services for forestry and pipelines.

Boris Mekhanoshin, founder and CEO of Opten, stated: “We look forward to becoming a part of The Aleutian Group and using its global base to present a broad array of services to our existing customer base and meet the increased challenges in North and South America as well.” Opten has surveyed more than 20,000 kilometers of electric utilities in 12 countries using its own state-of-the-art LiDAR based monitoring technology.

The Aleutian Group is a geographic information services company specializing in remote sensing data acquisition and data services for asset intensive industries worldwide. The company has a broad range of technologies and services to assist in asset identification, engineering services, structured history maintenance, appraisal planning, and financial restructuring. TAG uses advanced quality control procedures and has an ISO 9001 certificate from TUV.

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