The C Three Group announces the publication of financial performance measures of U.S. investor-owned utilities

ATLANTA, Aug. 16, 2002 — U.S. investor-owned utilities and their holding companies have come under fire recently for their forays into new and uncertain businesses and the resulting weakening of their financial positions.

While some players have weathered the storm with relative ease, others find themselves in a diminished financial position, struggling to recover. The best way to understand the financial position of the industry’s leaders and laggards is to understand the key performance measures.

The C Three Group has completed an exhaustive list of the key performance measures for 74 of the largest U.S. investor-owned utilities from 1998 through 2001. This report is a must for business development, competitive intelligence, investor relations and strategic planning professionals focused on the energy utility industry.

Financial Performance Measures of U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities provides over 40 indicators, covering key income statement, balance sheet and cash flow elements for the top 74 U.S. investor-owned utilities from 1998 through 2001.

Also included are a number key ratios such as return on equity and return on assets, giving the reader a complete picture of each company’s trends and financial health. Sample profiles are available at .

This report highlights individual company trends, allowing the reader to gain a unique understanding of the dynamic utility environment and its effect on specific organizations. For example, while there has been spectacular top- line revenue growth over the past five years, operating cash flow has remained flat, free-cash flow has been flat to negative, net income has seen no growth, and long-term debt has increased significantly.

Performance measures for AEP, Duke, El Paso, and Reliant, along with those of 71 other companies, are profiled in detail. Also included in this report is the much-diminished Enron.

Financial Performance Measures of U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities is the only complete listing of performance measures for the non-regulated operations and investments of U.S. investor-owned utilities. More information about Financial Performance Measures of U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities can be found at — Research Reports or by contacting The C Three Group at 404-233-8555 or by e-mail: .

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