The Happy Trails of Technology

The Happy Trails of Technology

One of Utility Automation`s fundamental objectives is to enlighten its readers with the latest innovations on utility technology and products. In this issue, for example, you will read about exciting new offerings from Motorola, Cycle Software and Space Imaging. As the Editor of this progressive new publication, it`s been my duty (and pleasure) to keep my eyes and ears open for any new technology developments.

On a recent trip to cover DA/DSM(TM) DistribuTECH(TM) Europe, I picked up an airline magazine and started to read what I thought may have been a fascinating technology-type article. Interestingly, it wasn`t a story on science technologies, but rather a story on the technologies of humanities. More specifically, this author`s (Robert Benninga) main point was that the success of any organization lies in the heart of its various individuals. Benninga urges the individual to foster a sense of self, for only then can the individual make positive contributions to humanity. I`m sure many of you have already heard of this line of thinking, but now let`s add a new twist of “technology” to this formula.

To create positive self image and yet go beyond ego to enhance individual performance, Benninga introduces his “Six Technologies of Happiness: Breathing, Sound, Rhythm, Movement, Thought and Nutrition.” He calls these basic strategies the “chemical factory” of the body and mind in creating an optimum positive state. Benninga further asserts that “thought” is the most important for it is a powerful producer of endorphins, which can be very positive or negatively dangerous chemicals.

In this increasingly competitive utility industry, it`s time to take a simple lesson in the “technology of happiness.” In order to do, one needs to be. As I wind down this philosophical indoctrination, I leave you with one more thought. No utility can thrive unless its people do. The best performance is only possible if every member of the organization is happy with himself or herself.

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