Thomas Alva Edison

The world is poorer today and bowed with grief at the loss of a man it had learned to respect, revere and love. Thomas Alva Edison, the man, is gone. But his spirit shines out and will always shine out, from every lamp throughout the length and breadth of the world. It falls to the lot of but few of us to leave behind so striking a monument or one that will endure, as will his, down through the ages.

Born in the little town of Milan, in Ohio, Thomas Edison began his life’s work at the age of twelve as newsboy and then telegrapher on the Grand Trunk railway. Telegraphy opened the doors of electricity and of sound to him, and he kept them open through his eighty-four years.

Outstanding among his contributions to man’s comforts and entertainment are the incandescent lamp, the Pearl Street station and the phonograph. His improvements in the fields of telegraphy, telephony and storage batteries speeded up the world’s communication and transportation.

Edison leaves behind him much for which man must always be thankful. Not the least of these are his exemplifications of unconquerable courage, rugged determination and humility in success.

When commanded to “give an account of thy stewardship” the whole world bore witness to the graciousness, the generosity and the humility of Thomas Alva Edison.

(EL&P, November 1931, editorial page.)


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