Time management tips

“- Put your goals in writing. Then set your priorities. Make sure you’re getting what you really want out of life.
“- Focus on objectives, not on activities. Your most important activities are those that help you accomplish your objectives.
“- Set at least one important objective daily and achieve it.
“- Question all of your activities. If they do not contribute to the realization of your goals, eliminate—or at least modify—them.
“- Get rid of at least one time waster from your life each month.
“- Make a to-do list every day. Be sure it includes your daily objectives, priorities, and time estimates, not just random activities.
“- Schedule your time every day to make sure you accomplish the most important things first, but leave room for the unexpected, including interruptions.
“- Make sure that the first hour of your workday is productive.
“- Set time limits for every task you undertake.
“- Take the time and make the effort to do things right the first time, and you won’t have to waste time doing them over.
“- Block out an hour a day of uninterrupted time for your most important chores.
“- Get the habit of finishing what you start. Don’t jump from one thing to another, leaving a string of unfinished chores behind you.
“- Conquer procrastination. Whatever the job, do if now and get it out of the way.
“- Don’t spend your time on less important things when you could be spending it on more important things.
“- Take time for yourself—time to dream, to relax, to live.

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