Time Stamping

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The Model STR-100 Satellite Time Reference from Cyber Sciences Inc. uses GPS technology to provide accurate time and date information for protective relays or power monitors. The STR-100 can provide accurate time reference for a single device or for multiple relays or meters. Applications include substation automation, sequence-of-events recording, protective relay trip history, alarm/event records and power monitoring data logs.
Cyber Sciences Inc.

Add-on Automation

SATEC has released an add-on solution for automating substations. The ezPAC Power Intelligence Unit is an advanced power analysis and control device. It combines functions of many present IEDs into a single unit along with analytical intelligence to provide precise fault data, analysis and waveform recording, sequence of events, revenue metering, data logging and profiling, power quality information and analysis, and programmable I/O for intelligent control.

Intelligent RTU

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Power Measurement has introduced an option that converts its ION 7500 meter into a web-enabled remote terminal unit (RTU). The RTU will automatically collect, scale and log readings from connected meters or transducers and deliver information to a head-end system. The RTU is ideal for transducer and equipment monitoring in substations. It operates as a Modbus master device, allowing up to 32 meters or transducers to be connected to one of its serial ports.
Power Measurement

Automatic Restoration System

IntelliTEAM II from S&C Electric uses distributed intelligence to dynamically track system conditions and quickly initiate restoration switching through peer-to-peer communication, without the delays inherent in dispatcher-operated, centrally controlled SCADA systems. IntelliTEAM II works with as many switches as line loading will allow and accommodates tie points from multiple sources. The switches can be arranged in radial circuits, looped circuits or a combination. IntelliTEAM II monitors real-time current and voltage throughout the system and uses this information to make smart switching decisions.
S&C Electric

Relay Test Set

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The Megger MPRT Protective Relay Test Set has built-in test routines, a touch screen and a built-in transducer testing capability. The TouchView interface is a handheld color touch screen that lets users perform manual or semi-automatic relay testing using built-in preset test routines by simply touching the screen. Test results display calculated values such as watts, vars, power factor and ohms.

Load Profiling Meter

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The MeterSmart 5000 Load Profiling Meter (MS5000) is designed to help utilities obtain interval data for load research, revenue billing, outage detection, load management and energy information services for resale to customers. The MS5000’s split-core current sensors may be non-invasively installed around the electrical feeds being measured without powering down the load. It provides kWh, kW with peak date and time, real-time load in kW and kVAR, per-phase voltage, kW and amperage display.

Remote Monitoring

MiniMax has added FLIR Systems’ thermal imaging capabilities to its ScadaCam remote substation monitoring and security system, allowing users to remotely see real-time thermal images and temperature measurements of substation equipment. The addition of FLIR infrared cameras to the ScadaCam system coincides with the launch of the ScadaCam website at www.scadacam.net.
MiniMax Corp.

Fault Locator

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The Model 1665 arc reflection radar is designed to “prelocate” faults on buried primary power cables. It features user-friendly software that automatically sets the range at turn-on, captures and holds the fault trace at the instant of the thump and automatically displays distance to the fault on a color display. The Model 1665 measures 16 inches wide, 7.5 inches high, 10 inches deep and weighs 14.2 pounds.
Radar Engineers

Power Monitor

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The three-phase PowerGuide 4400 power monitoring instrument incorporates a color touch screen into its lightweight design. Users can select the data collection length and mode, including troubleshooting, data logging, fault recording, inrush, power quality surveys, equipment performance testing, energy studies and load balancing. The PowerGuide collects data at 256 samples/cycle/channel for both voltage and current and offers remote communications using RS-232, Ethernet or USB.

Ethernet Radio

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The OS2400-HSE radio from Locus Inc. features a 20-plus-mile range at >10MB/second, which can be expanded through the use of repeater radios. A network of OS2400-HSE radios is “self-healing;” if a Locus radio loses its link, it will search for an alternate route to stay connected to the network. It operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz ISM band, is DIN rail-mountable and features a rugged, metal enclosure.
Locus Inc.

Power Fuses

S&C Electric’s SMD Power Fuses with silicone-housed composite-polymer insulators weigh 30 percent to 40 percent less than porcelain insulator-equipped mountings and are highly break resistant. Type SMD Power Fuses provide reliable protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations at voltages of 34.5 kV through 138 kV. They’re offered in maximum continuous current ratings of 100 to 300 amperes in a variety of fault-interrupting ratings.
S&C Electric

Pad-mounted Reclosers

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Cooper Power’s Kyle type PWE and PWVE pad-mounted three-phase automatic circuit reclosers provide reliable overcurrent protection for distribution systems using underground cable. PWE and PWVE reclosers are designed for 15-kV and 27-kV systems that include a combination of overhead and underground construction on one feeder. Product applications include feeder protection, circuit sectionalizing, loop sectionalizing and transformer high-side protection.
Cooper Power Systems

Fault Mapper

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The Fault Mapper Model CA7024 from AEMC Instruments is a handheld, alphanumeric cable length meter and fault locator. It is designed to measure the length of power and communication cables and indicate distance to a fault on the cable. The unit measures cable length and indicates distance to open or short circuit faults to a range of 6,000 feet.
AEMC Instruments

On-load Tap Changer

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Virginia Transformer Corp. (VTC) has launched its own on-load tap changer (OLTC) product, the PKJ LTC III, which will be bundled with its current transformer offerings. A load tap changer serves as a downline regulating device to maintain constant output voltage when input voltages or load fluctuates while a transformer is under load. Rated at 1,000 Amps, 15 kV, the PKJ LTC III is a reactive-type, vacuum OLTC. A standard 3-year warranty is provided on each PKJ LTC III.
Virginia Transformer Corp.

Cyber Security

Symantec for Electric Power is a customizable security offering designed to help utilities manage their information security risks. The solution includes security assessments, managed security services and Symantec’s enterprise security technologies that have been enhanced to meet specific electric power IT needs. Components include: SCADA Assessment Service, Symantec Managed Security Services, Symantec Manhunt (for intrusion detection), Symantec Enterprise Security Manager, Symantec DeepSight Threat Management System and DeepSight Alert Services (for early warning of cyber attacks), and Symantec Gateway and Symantec Client Security (virus protection). The components are available separately.

Crimping Tool

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FCI-Burndy’s BURNDY LPHY750 KOMPRESSOR is a remote-operated, low-pressure (1500 to 2500 psi), hydraulic 12-ton crimping tool. The LPHY750 features an industry-exclusive visual crimp indicator and is double-acting for hydraulic ram advance and retract. The LPHY750 has a 1.65-inch jaw opening and visual and audible crimp indicators to ensure a proper connection for each crimp. The LPHY750 can be powered directly from open or closed center hydraulic tool circuits, which are present on most utility trucks.
FCI-Burndy Products

Outage Management Software

GE Power has released version 3.0 of the Smallworld PowerOn outage management software. The application helps manage outage status information and allows utility personnel to accurately reflect the network’s current state. Version 3.0 accommodates utility customers of all sizes and voltage levels and provides better management of crew dispatch efforts.
GE Power Systems

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