Tulsa-based energy company sues Andersen

Sylvie Dale
Online Editor

Jan. 17, 2002 — A Tulsa energy company has sued Enron’s auditor Andersen, claiming it recklessly disregarded important warning signals that Enron was in trouble.

Financial experts predict that Samson Investment Co. will be among several companies seeking reparations for the sinking of one of the biggest energy companies in the world, the Associated Press reported.

Samson Investment Co. filed suit Tuesday, claiming it “recklessly disregarded evidence of questionable financial transactions between Enron and its insiders.”

The lawsuit was filed close on the heels of the news that a senior Andersen auditor was fired after it was learned that he may have ordered thousands of documents to be destroyed.

David Duncan was fired Tuesday for his alleged role in destroying documents sought by federal agents investigating Andersen’s audits.

In answering questions for congressional investigators Wednesday, Duncan said that Andersen’s lawyers had strongly suggested that he was within his rights to destroy some documents pertaining to Enron.

According to the lawsuit, Samson and other companies had used Andersen’s financial audits of Enron for their natural gas purchase contracts with Enron.

The lawsuit requests class-action status for more than 100 unnamed companies and seeks unspecified damages, AP said.


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