TXU Power funds UTA research for NOx reduction system

Dallas, TX, Jan. 9, 2007 — TXU Power, a subsidiary of TXU Corp., said it will fund a project at The University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering to research and design a technology management system for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions — a principal cause of smog.

The focus of the research will be to minimize NOx emissions by creating operational and management tools to maximize the performance of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)-related technology.

Any combustion process releases exhaust gases that contain NOx. SCR uses a chemical reaction to break down the NOx into elemental nitrogen and water. Ammonia is used to initiate the chemical reaction.

In April 2006, TXU announced plans to invest $10 billion to build 11 new coal-fired generating units at nine existing plant sites in Texas. TXU also committed to offsetting all key emissions — NOx, sulfur dioxide (SO2) and mercury — from the new units and further reducing key emissions across TXU Power’s solid-fuel fleet by 20 percent from 2005 levels.

SCR is the primary technology proposed to minimize NOx emissions from the planned new units. In addition, TXU Power has filed permit applications to install SCRs at its existing Martin Lake plant located near Henderson, Texas, and at the Sandow 4 unit near Rockdale, Texas. If fully approved by state regulators, the SCRs will be a key component of TXU’s plan to reduce overall key emissions by 20 percent while more than doubling its generating capacity.

The research is expected to take one year to complete.

TXU has come under heavy fire from environmentalists for the plans to build the new coal plants. Most recently, a group of Texas business people joined with environmental groups to oppose TXU’s plans. Click here for more on that development.

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