UltraVolt expands HV rack series power supplies

Ronkonkoma, NY, Dec. 12, 2005 — UltraVolt Inc., a manufacturer of high-voltage power supplies, announced the expansion of its HV Rack Series of high-voltage, multi-channel rack-mount power supplies.

The new configuration options of the “HV Rack” Series allow customers to order floating channels and green meters, making the series effective in more environments and applications. The new floating-channel option means customers can configure 1 to 4 of the output channels in their unit to float any 0 to 4 watt through 20 watt, 0 to 15kV (or lower) UltraVolt power supply up to 15kV.

Original versions of the units did not allow for floating channels. The new versions allow for power supply stacking or for hot-deck configurations, which are commonly used in electron-beam and ion-beam systems.

In addition, the new green-meter option replaces the standard blue meters used for current monitoring, yet maintains the quality of the HV Rack’s vivid digital displays. While both types of meters are designed for use in high-ambient-light conditions, the new green meters may be desirable in many environments including clean room and semiconductor processing applications.

The HV Rack is configurable with up to 4 independent channels, each ranging from 0 to 62V through 0 to 40kV between 4 and 250 watts. Each channel is individually controlled.

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