U.S., Norway to do joint energy research

United Press International

Amsterdam, May. 24, 2004 — The United States has agreed with Norway to conduct joint research on a variety of energy-related subjects.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham Saturday signed a Memorandum of Understnding with Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Einar Steensnaes to enhance each country’s research in a number of areas of mutual benefit, including carbon sequestration, hydrogen and clean fuels, among other energy topics.

Abraham and Steensnaes signed the agreement while attending the International Energy Forum in Amsterdam which concludes Monday.

Delegations from 80 countries are participating.

It is the first formal agreement between the U.S. and Norway to advance energy research and development projects. Norway is the world’s third-largest exporter of both oil and natural gas, and a major supplier to the Northeast corridor of the United States, the Department of Energy announcement said.


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