UTC prepares for the future of automation technology

Formerly known as the Consumer Automation Section, the new Automation Technology Section will serve as a liaison with other technical organizations involved in automation for utilities, pipelines, and other critical infrastructure companies; investigate emerging technologies like automatic meter reading, computer-aided dispatch, wireless automation systems, and smart-house technologies; and serve as a forum for UTC members to share ideas and build knowledge through white papers and educational workshops.

Dec. 7, 2000—The UK’s Invensys PLC, through its subsidiary IMServ, a global supplier of end-to-end metering and data management services, said it has acquired Meterpoint Data Services Ltd. from SEEBOARD PLC for $56 million. Meterpoint has sales in excess of $45 million and provides a range of metering services to utility customers in southeast England. Following IMServ’s recent contract to provide meter reading services to over 1.8 million homes and businesses in northwest England, it will now be providing metering services for approximately 4 million customers in the UK.

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