UtiliMan Systems evolves to become USIEnergy Inc.

Norcross, Ga., April 2, 2002 — Reflecting its evolution as a full-service energy and utility management company, UtiliMan Systems Inc. (USI) has changed its name to USIEnergy Inc.

Based in Norcross, GA, USIEnergy provides energy management, utility metering, and billing services to apartment communities and utilities nationwide.

“The new name signals our vastly expanded role in providing comprehensive energy management services. Our new Energy Management Services Division (EMS) manages the entire process, from the producer to the end user,” said USIEnergy CEO Michael Anderson. “It’s a really exciting development for us. USIEnergy Inc. is the first and only company to bring a total energy management system to the multifamily housing market, and the response has been excellent.”

EMS provides sophisticated energy buying and utility management strategies designed to minimize energy and utility costs for multifamily housing communities in both deregulated and regulated utility markets. EMS services include energy procurement, rate and tariff analysis, utility bill payment, utility data warehousing, energy and utility auditing and budgeting, establishing historical usage baselines, and gathering and maintaining critical energy information.

“UtiliMan Systems was formed in 1996 as a product-driven company,” Anderson explained. “Our primary focus was selling, installing, and maintaining submetering systems for multifamily housing. We added billing services as a natural extension of that role.

“With the emergence of deregulated energy markets, we recognized a need for a more comprehensive energy and utility management service. We started developing EMS two years ago and brought it to market last year,” Anderson continued. “EMS marks a major evolutionary step for us, and we decided that our corporate name should reflect that. UtiliMan Systems was already well known in the market as USI, so we built on that recognition. We believe that the name USIEnergy Inc. positions us as the single-source for full-service energy and utility management in the markets we serve.”

In addition to EMS, USIEnergy offers two complementary service lines, Demand Side Management (DSM) and Billing Management Services (BMS):
* DSM recommends, installs, and maintains water, gas, and electric meters for the utility, municipal, commercial, and multi-family markets and provides auditing, product management, analysis, and conservation programs.
* BMS coordinates automated meter reading (AMR) and other meter-reading methods to create and issue bills for utility companies, municipalities, and multifamily properties. USIEnergy now handles over 265,000 monthly bills for utilities and other services nationwide.

USIEnergy is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA, with offices in Boston, MA; Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV; and Plano, TX. For more information about USIEnergy, visit their website at www.USIEnergy.com or call 888-628-8662.

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