Utilities moving forward in customer service, report shows

ATLANTA, Oct. 15, 2001 – A new book reports on what utility companies are doing to keep their customers happy while keeping costs down.

The book from Chartwell, Customer Service in the Energy Industry, 4th Edition, offers 34 case studies and articles on progressive customer service practices in the energy industry.

These case studies include profiles of utility call centers to articles on improvements in field services, all told in Chartwell’s unique format based on exclusive interviews with knowledgeable officials at those utilities. As noted above, utilities are bringing together improvements in technology and specialized training of customer contact personnel, along with improved customer communication channels, to meet customer service goals. Therefore, we’ve taken articles covering these areas published recently in Chartwell’s industry- newsletters and research reports and packaged them into these three pertinent sections.

Chartwell’s analysis of the industry finds that many energy companies have increased their response to the challenges posed by the Internet. Many utilities are moving toward training customer service representatives online, as well as offering customers more online features. The Customer Service in the Energy Industry compilation book is divided into three sections:

* Section I: Technology – offers profiles of cutting-edge technology implementations.

* Section II: The Human Touch – offers case studies on training and improving customer service with fewer employees.

* Section III: Customer Interaction – how utilities are communicating with its customers.

Through Chartwell’s popular case study format and in-depth, issue-oriented articles and reports, Chartwell provides coverage of customer service issues from a real-life standpoint unparalleled by any other industry information provider, emphasizing actual occurrences in the industry rather than theory. Customer Service in the Energy Industry, 4th Edition examines information on customer service and how it is being applied in the energy services sector.

Customer Service in the Energy Industry, 4th Edition can be purchased for only $495 plus shipping. For more information, please visit www.chartwellinc.com/books.htm or call 800.432.5879 or 404.237.9099. Purchase and download the report online at www.newslettersonline.com/chartwell .

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