Utility Brings Meter Reading In-house

Utility Brings Meter Reading In-house

FieldTech is working with Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc. in an unusual move to return meter reading activities to an in-house operation. The combination gas and electric utility has about 377,000 meters to read.

Before hiring FieldTech to help with the transition, Orange and Rockland had contracted out about half of its meter reading functions to another vendor. According to Cynthia Strippoli, Orange and Rockland`s customer field operations manager, the shift occurred as the result of an innovative agreement with the union to bring meter reading back under the utility`s umbrella.

“FieldTech is handling all the pre-qualifying and helped with the training of the first class of new readers. Their expertise in this area has helped move the project along. FieldTech`s Meter-Pro training software has been a very effective tool in making sure the people we hire are equipped with a basic understanding of meter reading and can do the job efficiently,” she said.

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