Utility Data Resources becomes state-approved metering and data collection service provider in New York and Illinois

ARLINGTON, TX, August 27, 2002 — Utility Data Resources Inc. (UDRI) announced that it has met the certification requirements of regulatory bodies in NY and IL needed to be a certified meter data collection service provider to utilities in those states. UDRI has also filed for approval status in California as of August 20, 2002.

“We’re proud to have taken this step forward to meet the criteria of these states, and to show utilities that our services meet their highest standards. Not every company can do that,” commented UDRI’s President Vance Hall. “These accreditations demonstrate that UDRI can meet the toughest possible standards for meter data services companies.”

The certifications – Meter Data Service Provider (MSP) in Illinois, Meter Data Service Provider (MDSP) in New York, and Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) in California – are not always mandatory for meter service providers to operate; however, certification shows utilities that a company adheres to state requirements and provides quality services.

Though these requirements vary from state to state, they are usually based on the ability to validate edit and transmit data, and demonstrate disaster recovery plans and training procedures, among other things. Companies with provisional certifications are further evaluated and certified by the regulated utility distribution companies who want to use their services; after such evaluations UDRI’s status will be upgraded accordingly.

According to the New York Department of Public Service, UDRI received the state’s approval to conduct load curtailment and other energy-related management projects based on its “current expertise in providing customers with energy consumption data in a web-based environment for load curtailment and other energy management services as well as interval data collection, billing services, real-time pricing and load profiling and research.”

Utility Data Resources, Inc. (www.udri.com) is a MeterSmart company, and provides services in remote meter data collection, data verification, and data presentation primarily for electric utilities. MeterSmart is a division of Hunt Power LP.

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