Utility vegetation management performance management system launched

Utility vegetation management performance management system launched

Doylestown, Pa, March 14, 2005 — Everest Management Consultants, Inc. (Everest) in partnership with Cyndrus, a subsidiary of NOLA Computer Services and ePerformance Group International, LLC (ePGI) announced the official launch of the Everest Performance, Analysis and Reporting (EPAR) system.

EPAR is a complete Utility Vegetation Management performance management system that combines the Everest performance management strategy, with Cyndrus’ state of the art ADS technology and ePGI’s unique Internet based performance-benchmarking system into one seamless organizational interface. EPAR enables utility vegetation manager’s to easily, timely and objectively measure ROI, process improvement and value to key stakeholders.

“The Utility Vegetation Management industry has fallen under intensive regulatory, executive and customer scrutiny in the recent years. EPAR represents the first Utility Vegetation Management Performance Management system that can alleviate the pressures caused by this scrutiny and provide a comprehensive platform for Utility Vegetation Management Programs to measure, analyze and report in an efficient and cost effective manner”, said Rick Hollenbaugh, President of Everest. EPAR performance management and technology framework can be quickly implemented in organizations, typically completed within five-six weeks. The system once implemented will:

“- Integrate and manage annual and tactical business planning within specific books of business and their associated performance metrics.

“- Manage detailed performance metrics within each specific books of business that includes: Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Capital and New Business, Emergency Preparedness and Grounds Maintenance. Hierarchically link all performance metrics from the company level down to lowest desired level that could include pole or span. This enables efficient and comparative performance management of all Utility Vegetation Management related assets.

“- Efficiently and consistently links all data sources either internal or external through vendors. This drives efficient data and performance metric management at a lower total performance management process cost.

“- Refresh and update each performance metric to desired customized levels. EPAR users will be able to make accurate decisions at a much more rapid rate.

“- Managers will demonstrate a greater level of customized performance communications and reporting to all key stakeholders.

“- Proactively manage utility and vendor performance-based contracts through customized performance dashboards that contain key contract metric elements.

“We have over 15 years experience in developing and implementing performance based systems. We are confident that EPAR will rapidly revolutionize the performance management capabilities of the Utility Vegetation Management industry,” said Richard Jackson, CEO of NOLA Computer Services.

CyndrusADS, the engine for EPAR, is 100% java based. The user interface is accessible through any Java-enabled web browser and it operates with Oracle 8.i or higher, as well as Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher database platforms. CyndrusADS may be installed with any J2EE compliant application server and as such can leverage the features commonly found on application servers, such as database connection pooling, clustering, failover, directory and authentication services. If necessary, Cyndrus will provide a version of the JBoss application server for those customers who may not have an existing J2EE compliant application server.

“Once installed, EPAR will require limited if any internal utility Information Technology support. It is 100% web based, so you don’t have to deal with the maintenance associated with desktop solutions”, said Bruce Woods, Applications Manager for Cyndrus.

Recognized worldwide as leaders in performance management and improvement, ePGI offers the most complete performance benchmarking solutions for performance indication, insight and analysis.

“We are excited about the opportunity to integrate BenchmarkCommunities with EPAR TM to seamlessly enable utilities to simultaneously manage performance and assess that performance against normalized utility industry benchmarking data,” said Greg Lormand, COO of ePGI. Everest, and its partners expect the EPAR system to be the baseline in which all other Utility Vegetation Management performance management systems are measured against.

The EPAR system is designed with industry best practice strategy, state of the art information technology and industry leading performance management benchmarking. Later in 2005, look for this team to release EPAR – For Energy Delivery, the next generation of comprehensive Utility Energy Delivery performance management.

Everest Management Consultants, Inc. is the industry leader in Utility Vegetation Management consulting. Our clients have realized substantial benefit through our leading edge methodologies and in-depth management, operational and technical expertise. We bring progressive business-driven solutions to the diverse and complex challenges of Utility Vegetation Management. We have a strong belief that Utility Vegetation Management Programs must manage, assess and report performance in an accurate, consistent and comprehensive fashion. We have recognized this industry gap and have developed EPAR to close it.

We work collaboratively with executive management teams to develop and implement comprehensive, long-term strategies that yield sustained and tangible value. Contact Rick Hollenbaugh, President via e-mail at or call our office at 888-813-8400. Also, please feel free to visit our web sit at www.everestmci.com to find out how our Utility Vegetation Management Performance Management solutions can assist you in achieving your business objectives.

About Cyndrus

Cyndrus is a subsidiary of NOLA Computer Services, which has provided a wide range of world-class IT services to public and private sector customers for 19 years. We provide exceptional service at a fair price and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our.consistent dedication to customer satisfaction has been rewarded by continued expansion based on customer referrals. Cyndrus was formed in 2001 to build on our success with custom software applications into the creation of commercially viable products.

About CyndrusADS and CyndrusFleet

CyndrusADS and CyndrusFleet are our flagship products and are now in use by several government organizations and utilities practices. We are the first and only ISO 9001 registered software and consulting company based in Louisiana. This designation lets you know that our process for delivering software and services conforms to rigorous standards that are recognized around the world.

About BenchmarkCommunities

BenchmarkCommunities is the flagship product of ePerformance Group International LLC, a privately held company specializing in the design and development of integrated performance management and benchmarking solutions. ePGI was formed in early 2000 to develop a more streamlined and valuable approach to performance management and performance benchmarking. ePGI’s membership includes over 175 organizations and includes a robust Distribution and Transmission vegetation management database.

ePGI is an independent and objective provider of tools and services, enabling it to exist as an unbiased industry standard for performance information. While compatible with, and offered through, many third party channels, ePGI remains independent of, and is not affiliated with, any single management consultancy or association.


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