Utility.com Takes Step in Bid for New England Customers

Internet utility company Utility.com has gained full participant status from NEPOOL, the New England wholesale electric power pool organization. The affiliation with NEPOOL, combined with individual state licenses, will allow Utility.com to market its services to electricity consumers and businesses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine, said Chris King, Utility.com co-founder and CEO.

Utility.com plans to roll out its services in New England over the next six to eight months. The company currently provides services throughout the deregulated markets of California and Pennsylvania. “As each state completes power deregulation efforts and we secure local licenses to provide service, we’ll be there,” said King.

Utility.com plans to participate in New England’s bulk power market in two capacities: as load aggregator and as broker. As a load aggregator, the company would purchase wholesale electric energy and capacity and resell it to retail customers. As a broker, Utility.com plans to arrange the wholesale purchase or sale of electric energy or capacity on behalf of buyer or seller organizations.

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