Vermont Energy Summit to highlight demand response efforts

BURLINGTON, Vt., June 25, 2002 — State and federal regulators, Vermont utilities and the regional electric system operator will hold an energy summit on Friday, June 28 to help large energy users learn how they can reduce peak energy loads, easing constraints on the electrical system, boosting wholesale competition, and reducing consumer costs.

“Vermont has become a leader, even in a region that leads the nation in creating load reduction programs that work,” Public Service Board Chairman Michael Dworkin said. “This summit will help business owners, farmers, towns and other large energy consumers better control their energy usage during periods of high peak loads. That, in turn, will reduce their bills, Vermont’s costs as a whole, and the environmental impact of energy generation.”

ISO New England Inc. and the New England Power Pool have put in place a federally-approved plan to address power system reliability issues and price concerns through two unique programs – known collectively as the “Load Response Program.”

Simply, customers who agree to alter their electricity usage upon notification from the ISO, or when wholesale electricity prices are high, can be compensated monetarily for their efforts. Vermont’s utilities have developed additional programs that have been approved by the Vermont Public Service Board.

The load response summit will include an overview of summer power availability; a keynote address by Chairman Dworkin; perspective from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; regulatory insights on Vermont’s energy plan; and load management information from utilities and a program participant.

“In the past few years, load management has been largely an issue of availability,” Public Service Commissioner Christine Salambier said. “This year, capacity isn’t as much an issue as controlling costs. Regulators and utilities have worked together to focus on proactively reducing peak loads, which can drive power costs skyward in the wholesale market.”

Dworkin said it would be an unprecedented opportunity for commercial and industrial customers to hear from state and federal regulators and Vermont utility officials on energy management programs. The summit will also include displays on regional and local programs.

The energy summit will begin at 1:15 p.m., Friday, June 28 at the Radisson Hotel in Burlington. Participants include: Dworkin; Salambier; W. Scott Miller III, director of market development at FERC; David LaPlante, vice president for market development at ISO New England; and representatives of Burlington Electric, Central Vermont Public Service, Green Mountain Power, and Vermont Public Power Supply Authority.

This meeting is free of charge, but attendees must register on-line at:

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