We Energies strengthens its summer power supply

MILWAUKEE, July 5, 2002 — Electrical supplies for We Energies’ customers became stronger today with the company’s purchase of electricity from the Zion Energy Center.

The first of two 150-megawatt generating units, built by San Jose-based Calpine Corp., began commercial operation. We Energies has contracted for the output of this generating unit, and also for the output of a second 150-megawatt generating unit scheduled to come on line in time for the summer of 2003. The 300 megawatts from the Zion Energy Center is enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes.

“These new generators will provide power for our customers during periods of peak electrical demand, most often during the hot summer periods, when air conditioning and other cooling systems are working their hardest,” said Gerald Abood, We Energies vice president, Commodity Resources.

The Power the Future plan proposed by Wisconsin Energy Corp. We Energies’ parent company, calls for the investment of $3 billion in new electric generating units to improve the reliability of electric service to customers and support continued economic growth in Wisconsin during the next 10 years.

But the plan also acknowledges the need for additional generation sources to help meet future customer demands.

“We’re committed to making a huge investment in our own infrastructure, but we’ll also need to buy at least 1,000 megawatts from other sources,” said Abood. “There is plenty of opportunity for others to help meet our customers’ future energy needs.”

We Energies, the principal utility subsidiary of Wisconsin Energy Corp., serves more than one million electric customers and more than 970,000 natural gas customers throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Visit the company’s Web site at www.we-energies.com . Learn about Wisconsin Energy Corp. by visiting www.WisconsinEnergy.com


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