Web Site Aids with Energy Service Selection

Web Site Aids with Energy Service Selection

An Internet web site has been launched to help consumers choose the company that will supply their homes and businesses with electricity and related services. Whether they are looking for the cheapest rates, the best service or the most environmentally friendly source of power, consumers can turn to UtilityGuide (www.utilityguide.com) to help them become informed, set priorities and choose the best supplier to meet their electricity needs. The UtilityGuide features:

A complete list of electricity providers approved by state regulatory agencies.

Information on “Green Power”: How it is generated, who is selling it, and how consumers can choose companies that are providing green power.

A free e-mail news service that will keep electricity consumers, journalists and others up to date on changes that affect consumers and the industry.

News and information about the evolution and implementation of electricity deregulation nationally and on a state-by-state basis, with links to some of the best electricity-related news sources on the Internet.

Comprehensive information and links related to federal and state agencies, laws and regulations.

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