Western Coal Council transitions to national organization

DENVER, Colo., June 7, 2002 — Members of the Western Coal Council (WCC) this week officially announced the transition of the WCC from a regional to a national association – the American Coal Council (ACC).

The ACC will provide a nationally unified voice representing the business interests of utility-coal chain industries in the areas of management, marketing and professional development.

Meeting in Denver this week at their annual Spring Coal Forum, members of the newly formed ACC affirmed the need for a national coal group that would provide a larger, more influential voice in advocating for utility-coal business interests.

“There are a number of national associations with a clearly defined mission focused on monitoring, shaping and addressing public policy issues,” noted Mike Bales, ACC President and Director – Fuels for Edison Mission Energy. “The ACC has no intention of duplicating the good work already being done by these groups. Quite the opposite. We hope our distinctive business agenda will complement the political agenda of these national organizations.”

Nearly 175 senior level executives from the utility-coal industry participated in the annual spring conference which focused on Advancing the Nation’s Agenda for Coal-fired Power. The program addressed national interests, attracting both eastern and western-based attendees.

“Markets are merging and many of our member companies are already involved in both eastern and western coal markets,” said Janet Gellici, ACC Executive Director. “It’s become very apparent that what’s happening in eastern markets impacts western markets and vice-versa. We can no longer operate in a market intelligence void focused only on one coal region.”

The Western Coal Council, the predecessor organization to the ACC, was founded in 1982 to advance the business interests of the western U.S. coal industry.

The American Coal Council will serve as the pre-eminent business voice of the American coal industry. The ACC is dedicated to advancing the development and utilization of coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source. The ACC’s 120+ member companies include coal suppliers, consumers, traders, transporters, terminals and support services.

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