Williams, TXU, Cinergy, Bonneville Power choose Knowmadic’s energy trading software

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 12, 2002 — Knowmadic has announced that energy companies including Williams, TXU, Cinergy and Bonneville Power Administration, are using Knowmadic Integration Suite to increase revenue and profits, make better business decisions and reduce costs.

Knowmadic also introduced new software designed for energy traders and analysts and a new version of its Knowmadic Integration Suite. “The deregulated energy industry is extremely competitive and companies are looking for technology solutions that help them to make better and faster business decisions,” said Ethan Cohen, research director, Aberdeen Group.

“With Knowmadic, companies can quickly and easily develop and deploy solutions that deliver critical information and data today, not three months from now.”

Knowmadic software enables companies to provide rapid, easy access to critical data and information that improve business decisions and increase revenue and profits. Knowmadic’s new Trading Dashboard gives traders and analysts at energy companies a competitive edge by providing an automated and customizable solution for aggregating frequently used energy data and identifying trends for successful trading.

Trading Dashboard delivers out-of-the-box, built-in access to common energy data sources, corporate data and information on web sites; provides pre-built views into data to generate faster results; and can be customized and integrated with other applications using Knowmadic Integration Suite.

Knowmadic Integration Suite reduces the time it takes to integrate frequently changing information from Web, legacy and other structured and unstructured data sources; communicate with intranets and extranets; and automate portal information. The new 4.2 version of Knowmadic Integration Suite includes: Knowmadic Integration Studio, a rapid, visual development environment; Knowmadic Integration Library, a collection of powerful reusable components; and the robust Knowmadic Integration Server for deploying and executing custom integration solutions.

“When speed and flexibility of integration are of utmost importance, energy leaders are choosing Knowmadic as their premiere supplier. Knowmadic delivers ‘Integration in a Day,'” said Jona Khandekar, Knowmadic’s founder and CEO. “Knowmadic is helping Williams, TXU, Cinergy and Bonneville increase top line results and respond more quickly to opportunities in this dynamically changing market.”

TXU is a global provider of electric and natural gas services, merchant energy trading, energy marketing, energy delivery, telecommunications, and energy-related services.

“We’re using Knowmadic software to automate the extraction and delivery of complex real-time market information to traders’ desktops and to provide critical information to other departments within TXU Energy,” said Tom E. Boyd, director of Market Information, TXU Energy.

“Now that traders have access to automated information, we are able to make more trades per day, and analysts within the Market Information Group have time to develop new applications, rather than spend their time manually gathering and formatting data.”

Cinergy Corporation’s Energy Merchant business unit owns 7,000 megawatts of capacity and its “into Cinergy” power-trading hub is the most liquid trading hub in the nation. Cinergy is using the Knowmadic Integration Suite to rapidly build and deploy applications that provide data and information to traders and others within the company.

“Knowmadic allows us to provide employees with information that gives us a competitive edge, increases profitability and reduces costs,” said Mike Venter, senior research analyst, Cinergy. “Before Knowmadic, we were either writing our own applications or manually gathering data, both of which were extremely time consuming.”

A pilot version of Trading Dashboard is available immediately. The new 4.2 version of Knowmadic Integration Suite is currently in beta and the production version will be available next month.

For more information, visit www.knowmadic.com. About Knowmadic Knowmadic is the provider of integration solutions for companies who need to quickly build applications that can flexibly respond to rapid change. Knowmadic’s products and services are designed to deliver “Integration in a Day.”

The Knowmadic Integration Suite provides a complete solution for rapidly building and deploying successful data integration applications. For more information, visit Knowmadic’s web site at www.knowmadic.com.

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