World Energy Exchange facilitates web-based electricity procurement in New York

The web-based procurement method provided a quicker, more efficient way for the GSA to solicit competitive bids on energy supply. By streamlining the process and increasing competition for the accounts, World Energy Exchange and SAIC were able to achieve price reductions for GSA and its customers of an estimated $24 million in one utility service territory alone. The procurement, which spanned 6 utility service territories in the state of New York and involved 20 competitive electricity suppliers, 10 qualified agencies, and approximately 600 accounts, resulted in fulfillment of approximately 624,000 megawatt-hours of annual electricity requirements (enough to power 62,000 houses for a year). GSA is prototyping web-based energy procurement practices to achieve the most competitive market price and gain procurement efficiency.

By Sylvie Dale, Online Editor

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