Xcel Energy using IQNavigator to manage services spending

DENVER, Colorado, September 19, 2005 — Xcel Energy has implemented IQNavigator to manage and control its contingent workforce spending including admin/clerical, IT workers, and call center operations. The implementation went live July 2005 and Xcel Energy is already seeing many positive results.

“IQNavigator has brought visibility and control to our services spending, driving down costs through contract compliance and process efficiencies,” said Patricia Vincent, Xcel’s president of customer and field operations. “Using IQNavigator to automate our processes, we save time and can more accurately evaluate supplier performance.”

IQNavigator was certified by the Xcel Energy Sarbanes Oxley group and tested to ensure compliance with the various federal and state utility regulations. IQNavigator’s extensive reporting provides the detailed information to comply with the regulations while also providing thorough supplier analysis. Using IQNavigator, Xcel Energy can better evaluate its suppliers’ performance and associated rates ensuring the best quality for the best rate.

Before IQNavigator, Xcel Energy had to manually check each invoice with the original contract to make sure that the rates were correct. Using IQNavigator, it is now done automatically. The system delivers one consolidated invoice that guarantees the contracted rates. In addition, IQNavigator captures all the accounting codes and categorizes them by business unit giving visibility to each business unit’s spending.

Xcel Energy selected IQNavigator to manage its services spending based on its proven customer success and extensive product functionality across all service categories. Recognizing the opportunity for immediate savings, Xcel Energy first attacked the contingent workforce spend category. Given IQNavigator’s demonstrated ability to handle all services categories, Xcel is now evaluating IQNavigator to manage additional service categories including legal and vegetation management.


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