Z-LYNK system features power frequency carrier technology

Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 20, 2002 — Cyclo Systems International announced its plans to introduce a load switching communication solution for large industrial electric users in the North and Latin American Market.

Based on its proven CycloControlâ„- Power Frequency Carrier (PFC) transmission technology, the system is designed for implementing load switching in large industrial facilities and campuses where wiring or wireless connections are not reliable or cost effective. A Z-LINK system consists of a transmitter, control software and receivers. The transmitter embeds switching information on the power supply waveform.

The information is delivered to receivers located at the sites to be switched on or off. This is accomplished without an additional carrier frequency and provides instantaneous and complete coverage of the connected electric network.

Z-LYNK is used for the switching communications function in a wide range of load control applications. Some applications are load shedding for curtailment, load shifting from peak times to off-peak times to take advantage of real-time rates and load rotation to reduce maximum demand charges.

Other uses include remote switching of electric devices where wiring or wirelesses are not suitable. Cyclo System’s Z-LYNK System may be interfaced with popular energy control systems through standard industry protocols.

Z-LYNK system transmitters are connected at various voltage levels ranging from low voltage (408V) to as high as 33KV and propagate the CycloControl signal downstream in the electric distribution network. Since the signal operates at the power supply frequency, coverage is 100%.

A powerful cyclic redundant checking (CRC) information coding scheme is used to ensure virtually error-free (1 undetected bit-in-error in 10exp11 bits transmitted). The Z-LYNK ™ transmitter requires no tuning or other adjustments after installation.

Z-LYNK receivers also provide the load switching contacts. They are compact, easily installed and are available with ratings from 5 to 80 Amps. Each receiver is individually addressed and a basic system is capable of providing as many as 65,535 addresses. Receivers also may be activated in groups or all simultaneously to suit various load management strategies.

Since Z-LYNK receivers derive their power from the circuit to which they are connected, no separate power supply is required. Contacts built into the in the Z-LYNK receivers are self latching so as to remain in the open or closed position in the event of the loss of power.

The Z-LINK system may be remotely controlled from any convenient location.
Cyclo Systems’ CTCS Windows© based software operates the system through any conventional communication media from RS232 to GSM and IP capable connections.

The CTCS software enables users to schedule the switching of each load based upon a time-of-day, day-of-the-week schedule from external load management devices i.e. facility automation or peak demand control systems.

“We are very pleased to bring this highly cost effective and reliable communication solution to the North American market to enable large power users to more effectively control energy use,” said John Queripel, Cyclo System’s Managing Director. “Z-LINK systems are in daily service around the world and have provided millions of hours of trouble-free service. We believe them to be ideally suited for the trend towards more effective energy management that is taking place in the US, Canada and the rest of the Americas,” he added.

About Cyclo Systems International

CSI is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of specialized communications systems using Power Frequency Carrier technology. Based in Stoke-On-Trent in the United Kingdom, the company pioneered the improvements in and expanded on the core technology of CycloControl.

The company now produces a unique line of products, which have found application in major metropolitan as well in remote areas. Z-LINK systems are in use throughout the world including Europe, South Africa, China and New Zealand. Cyclo System’s North American operations will be initially based in Atlanta, Georgia.

For further Information in the US contact:
Web Site: www.cyclosystems.com

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