Direct from Copenhagen: USCAP Statement on Latest Developments in Copenhagen

Washington, D.C., December 18, 2009 — The following is a statement from the U.S. Climate Action Partnership regarding yesterday’s speech by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the arrival of President Barack Obama in Copenhagen :

Yesterday’s speech by Secretary Clinton at the Copenhagen climate negotiations marks an important step toward reaching a global agreement to address climate change. We applaud the Administration for its leadership and vision and welcome President Obama’s active participation, recognizing that climate change presents a global problem that requires global solutions.

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USCAP believes that international action is essential to meeting the climate challenge.

In yesterday’s statement, Secretary Clinton called for, “decisive national actions, an operational accord that internationalizes those actions, assistance for nations that are the most vulnerable and least prepared to meet the effects of climate change, and standards of transparency that provide credibility to the entire process.”

USCAP commends the Obama Administration for its stated goals, which are consistent with the international principles we articulated last January in our Blueprint for Legislative Action. We look forward to working productively with the Administration and the Congress to support these objectives in pursuit of global and U.S. domestic action.

United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) is a group of businesses and leading environmental organizations that have come together to call on the federal government to quickly enact strong national legislation to require significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.


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