EC&C obtains permanent injunction against Environmental Elements

Sept. 17, 2003 — Hamon Research-Cottrell, Wahlco, Inc., and their licensor EC&C Technologies, Inc. have obtained a permanent injunction against Environmental Elements Corporation with regard to EC&C Technologies’ U.S. Patent 6,077,491.

Hamon and Wahlco market the process covered by the EC&C patent as the “Urea to Ammonia” process (U2Aà¢â€ž-). Environmental is now enjoined from infringing EC&C’s patents and from selling its “Ammonia on Demand” and “AOD” process.

Under the terms of the judgment entered September 9, 2003, Judge Walter of the US District Court in Los Angeles ordered Environmental not to participate in generating urea from ammonia, and in particular not to sell or manufacture the AOD system, except for three potential projects described in an agreement. The judgment restrains Environmental from infringing the EC&C patents and also bars Environmental from using the terms “Ammonia on Demand” and “AOD”.

In a separate filing, EC&C has filed to acquire its own trademark AOD.

The U2A process is covered by U.S. Patents 6,077,491, 6,322,762, 6,436,359, 6,506,350, with additional patents pending. The European patent office has also allowed patent claims.

Hamon Research-Cottrell and Wahlco, Inc. as co-licensees of EC&C offer the U2A system as a safer alternative to the use of ammonia for utility SCR systems. To date more than 25 U2Atm reactors have been installed by major utilities and smaller power generators in the United States and Europe.

EC&C Technologies, Inc provides new and improved processes for purifying emissions from combustion processes with special emphasis on those that recover useful products from stack gases, reduce or eliminate the use of toxic materials, and that provide ultra high removal of pollutants. The company’s name stands for Emission Control and Chemical Technologies. The company’s target market is the air pollution control market created by the passage of the Clean Air Act for highly efficient and economical air pollution control systems.

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