Falcon chicks at FirstEnergy power plants banded and named

Akron, Ohio, May 25, 2012 – Eight peregrine falcon chicks hatched at FirstEnergy Corp.’s (FE) Lake Shore Plant in Cleveland, Ohio, and Eastlake Plant in Eastlake, Ohio, recently received identification tags and names from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), with three of the chicks sporting names suggested by members of the public via Twitter.

Of the more than 60 names tweeted to @FirstEnergyCorp, the names Skype and Amp were selected for the males chicks banded at the Lake Shore Plant, and Tesla was used for a male chick at the Eastlake Plant.  ODNR officials verified that the chosen names had not been used previously for other peregrine falcons banded in Ohio.

FirstEnergy employees suggested the names ultimately picked for the other five chicks.  The female Lake Shore fledgling was named Sparkle, in honor of her deceased mother, Sparky.  According to wildlife officials, the Lake Shore chick’s father, Michelin, has been taking good care of the new falcons since Sparky’s death.

Four chicks at Eastlake also received names suggested by FirstEnergy employees, including Megavar, a male chick whose name is an electrical unit of measure, and females Twitter, Avenger – after the blockbuster movie that was filmed in Cleveland – and Tahoe, Native American for “big water.”

Since 2005, nearly 40 peregrine falcon chicks have been born at three FirstEnergy Lake Erie power plants – Lake Shore, Eastlake and the Bay Shore plant in Oregon, Ohio – and banded by ODNR.

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