GridWise Alliance sends priorities for energy legislation to U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C., July 6, 2010 — The GridWise Alliance released a letter sent to Majority Leader Harry Reid together with the group’s priorities for consideration in pending energy and climate legislation.

The letter points out that smart grid technologies not only lower emissions through renewable energy integration and lower consumption and cost through expanded energy efficiency, but create higher value utility and new manufacturing jobs.

The GridWise Alliance is looking forward to working with Majority Leader Reid and other senators on achieving a comprehensive energy and climate bill that will benefit America’s consumers and businesses.

The letter reads as follows:
“Dear Majority Leader Reid,

“Thank you for your leadership in moving forward on energy and climate legislation. The GridWise Alliance feels strongly that any climate and energy bill should include smart grid policy as key to enabling a cleaner, more efficient and economically productive energy future.

“The attached is a list of the GridWise Alliance priorities, most of which have been introduced in legislation pending in the Senate. All of them provide a means for smart grid technologies to help wean this country from oil dependence, mitigate climate change, and create jobs.

“A study by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory published earlier this year found that smart grid technologies can significantly enhance energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment and reduce carbon emissions by up to 18 percent if fully deployed over the next 20 years.

“The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy this week released a report on smart grid and energy efficiency which indicated that with effective feedback, consumers could reduce energy consumption by between 4-12 percent with a net savings of between $2-35 billion over the next 20 years.

“GridWise Alliance member KEMA produced a jobs report as the Recovery Act was being written indicating that a $16 billion investment in smart grid would result in $64 billion in projects and create 280,000 new jobs.

“These technologies promise to reinvigorate not only an aging utility workforce with new workers but also create a much-needed new manufacturing base in this country.

“As you pull together this critical bill, please feel free to use the GridWise Alliance as a resource, especially on how smart grid can be a key driver for our environment and our economy. You may contact us at 202-530-9740 should you need clarification on our priorities.”



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