In Australia, carbon tax set to pass Senate

Sydney, Australia, November 8, 2011 — According to reports, a carbon tax plan is expected to pass the Australian Senate November 8, ending the Australian government’s long battle to introduce a carbon price.

After two failed attempts, months of negotiations and many hours of parliamentary debate, the Government and Greens will use their numbers in the Senate to force a final vote.

But Opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt says the Coalition will move an amendment in a last-ditch bid to reduce the increase to electricity prices.

“Instead of electricity companies having to pay a massive upfront cost three years before trading would begin they would be able to defer that payment,” he said. “We don’t want any carbon tax but if the Government ploughs ahead they should not put in place a system that would create a 20 per cent price rise [in costs]”

The 18 bills are expected to pass, with the tax to start in July next year.

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