NouvEON helps electric utilities comply with federal regulations

Charlotte, N.C., March 18, 2010 — Management consulting firm NouvEON has completed two initiatives for a leading national utility.

NouvEON helped the utility achieve compliance with new and complex government work hour regulations impacting nuclear power plants.

Additionally, NouvEON deployed an improved software application to provide an online dashboard of real-time power generation

The utility selected NouvEON to assist the organization with the implementation of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission‘s work hour regulations and a time tracking software application.

NouvEON’s team of experienced consultants developed and managed change management activities including targeted communications, training and on-site support.

Focusing on increasing worker awareness and understanding of the work hour rules, the NouvEON team helped the utility achieve compliance with the regulation before the effective date.

“Change management is critical to any major implementation,” said Betsy Alley, NouvEON managing consultant. “I believe our team effectively used communications and training to help individual workers understand the regulation and the importance of compliance, which contributed to a very smooth implementation.”

In addition to managing new government regulations, a team of NouvEON consultants led an improvement project for an existing data management application, which was not meeting the company’s needs.

The NouvEON team partnered with the utility to introduce new functionality and implement process changes to improve the user experience. As a result, the software is widely used across the company and data confidence is high.

These projects, along with many other projects and programs, illustrate NouvEON’s ongoing efforts to support initiatives and partner with the leading utility and NouvEON’s portfolio of energy and utility partners.

Headquarted in Charlotte, N.C., NouvEON develops client partnerships by offering strategic and project-based management consulting services including organizational change management, systems integration, strategy, process excellence and delivery management.


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