PJM Power Providers Group urges FERC to maintain RTO independence

King of Prussia, Pa., March 9, 2010 — The PJM Power Providers Group urged the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to maintain the independence of Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).

“P3 believes that the foundation of independence that has been laid in PJM is strong and should not be eroded,” P3 Group President Glen Thomas said. “While PJM and it members should press forward with certain governance reforms, particularly those related to inequities in the current voting structure, FERC should not disrupt the fundamental governance structure that is anchored by a skilled and appropriately-vetted board that is independent of any market interests.”

In its comments, P3 urges FERC to take note of both the institutional design of PJM as an independent institution, as well as the numerous efforts that have been made to improve governance within this mandate of independence.

“Progress is being made and reforms are being implemented that enjoy near unanimous support,” P3 said in its comments. “While P3 continues to support additional improvements, it strongly encourages FERC to recognize the foundation that has been established and the seriousness by which PJM and its members approach governance and the numerous improvements made to date.”

P3 is a non-profit organization that supports the development of properly designed and well functioning markets in the PJM region. Combined, P3 members own more than 75,000 MW of power generation and more than 51,000 miles of transmission lines in the PJM region, serving nearly 12.2 million customers.


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