SO2 emissions allowance auction brings in $32.3 million

March 25, 2003 — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) made a total of $32.3 million from its latest sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions allowance auction, the Chicago Board of Trade announced Tuesday.

EPA’s 11th annual SO2 emissions allowance auction was broken down into two major categories. The 2003 spot auction brought in a total of $21.5 million for 125,010 allowances at an average winning price of $171.81 per ton of SO2. The 2010 7-year advance auction brought in another $10.8 million for 125,000 tons at an average winning price of $86.40 per ton.

American Electric Power (AEP) was the biggest buyer in both auctions. The company bought 124,971 allowances in the 2003 spot auction, or 99.9% of the allowances. In the 7-year advance auction, AEP got 115,000 allowances, or 92.0% of the total. Virginia Electric & Power Co. bought 10,000 allowances, or 8% of the total.

See this link for a PDF of auction result details:

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