U.S. DOE announces reorganization of environmental headquarters organization

WASHINTON, D.C., May 21, 2003 — Jessie Roberson, the Department of Energy’s Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (EM) has announced the approval of a new framework for EM Headquarters.

In keeping with the President’s Management Agenda, which focuses on improving the management and performance of the federal government, EM has reexamined its organizational structure in light of its core mission. The new organization supports and facilitates the Top-to-Bottom Review objectives of accelerating risk reduction and clean up and improving organizational effectiveness.

“The restructure of EM serves as one of my last reform initiatives in building the framework for Top-to-Bottom implementation and is critical in getting the organization clearly focused on its mission of accelerated cleanup and closure,” Assistant Secretary Roberson said.

Core functions outlined in the Top-to-Bottom Review will serve as the framework for the daily work activities of the EM staff. The organization will consist of three key elements:

* Line Management (Operations Oversight)
* Mission Programs (Logistics/Waste Disposal Enhancements and Environmental Cleanup and Acceleration)
* Management Support (Performance Intelligence/Improvement and Business Operations)

Roberson will be selecting an implementation team in the next several weeks to conduct a detailed review of the proposed missions and functions. The team will also build staffing charts and position descriptions for the proposed organization, provide a proposed schedule to implement the reorganization, and fulfill all bargaining unit requirements.

The reorganization is expected to occur sometime after July 2003.

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