West Virginia PSC picks PJM EIS’ GATS for renewable portfolio standard

Valley Forge, Pa., December 7, 2010 — West Virginia will rely on the Generation Attribute Tracking System from PJM Environmental Information Services, Inc. to achieve the objectives of its new renewable portfolio standard.

The West Virginia Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Act requires that by 2025 at least 25 percent of the electricity supplied by in-state investor-owned electric utilities and retail suppliers serving more than 30,000 customers must come from eligible alternative and renewable electric resources.

Under the law, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia is to establish a system of tradable credits to verify and monitor generation of electricity from alternative and renewable resources. The credits can be used to meet the portfolio requirements.

The PSC designated PJM EIS’ Generation Attribute Tracking System to provide the required tracking registry services for each megawatt-hour of electricity. PJM EIS provides environmental and emissions attributes tracking services in the mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

“Our investigation of various tracking services has convinced us that we can rely upon the GATS system to track and manage credits and to assist us in monitoring utility compliance with the state law,” said Michael A. Albert, Chairman of the Public Service Commission of West Virginia.

“The Commission is depending on our GATS to enable it to verify compliance with the state mandate, and we will live up to that trust,” said Kenneth A. Schuyler, president of PJM EIS. “GATS has a proven record in other states with similar requirements for renewable and alternative energy resources, such as energy efficiency. Since 2005, GATS has tracked and verified more than 4.2 billion mWh of electricity.” 

PJM EIS and the Public Service Commission of West Virginia will announce future training sessions about the program.

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