A123 Energy Solutions wins contract for 1 MW grid storage project

A123 Energy Solutions, a provider of advanced energy storage systems, will supply, install, and commission a 1 MW, 2.8 MWh GSS to IHI Corp.

The GSS is currently in the process of being installed at an IHI factory located in the Tohoku region of Japan.

Once operational, the GSS will be used to integrate a large photovoltaic solar generation array co-located at the facility and help reduce the factory’s overall load, which will in turn help ease the strain on Japan’s grid which has been in rebuilding mode since the 2011 Eastern Japan earthquake.

The Grid Storage Solution, or GSS, will use the company’s Long Duration Grid Battery System (GBS-LD), a standard but flexible grid energy storage unit accommodating configurations that range from as little as 100 kW to 4 MW.

The GBS-LD can be packaged in standardized 20-foot, 40-foot, and 53-foot long containers, custom enclosures, or in pre-existing buildings. Using A123 Systems Nanophosphate prismatic cell technology, up to 100 MW and 100 MWh of energy storage can be deployed onto a single acre of land.

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