Ambient smart grid platform assists with outages

Newton, Mass., February 7, 2012 — Ambient Corp., a provider of flexible and scalable smart grid communications platforms and technologies, extended the integration of its communications network management system, AmbientNMS into a distribution and outage management system.

The integration of AmbientNMS into the existing DOMS systems improves overall system reliability by pinpointing distribution outages with real-time alerts and analytics that utilities can use to identify complex issues, such as nested outages.

Ambient’s solution offers utilities the ability to quickly assess and respond to power delivery issues by decreasing response time and reducing overall down time. The Ambient communications platform helps minimize disruptions to end customers, enhances system reliability and reduces financial impact to utilities when outages occur.

AmbientNMS is a system for managing the communications network between the devices and the utility’s back-office systems via Simple Network Management Protocol.

AmbientNMS consists of the NMS servers and the AmbientNMS Client: the servers perform monitoring and managing tasks; they run discovery and status checks, query devices, store information, and relay information and instructions between the AmbientNMS Client and the other elements of the Ambient smart grid.

The client is an intuitive, secure, Java-based application for remotely monitoring and managing devices, viewing and updating information stored in the NMS server, and generating reports of this information. It can be an active contributor to the overall operations of the utility by interacting with other operational management systems.

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