Amperion and Exacter announce smart grid reliability solution

Lawrence, Mass., November 5, 2009 — Amperion Inc. and Exacter, Inc., two smart grid vendors, formed a partnership to provide electric utilities with products and services that improve grid reliability and enable smart grid applications.

About 30 percent of the $150 billion that is lost annually to outages and poor power quality result from equipment failures. Amperion and Exacter are providing practical solutions that reduce SAIFI and maintain high reliability.

The two companies will offer Exacter’s grid-reliability detection services in combination with Amperion’s Smart Grid communications network and monitoring services.

“Amperion’s ability to monitor the distribution system and create problem alerts coupled with Exacter’s ability to pinpoint exactly where the problem is provide utilities with a reliability tool they have never had before — a complete, real-time line quality assurance system.” Said John Lauletta, Exacter CEO.

Nachum Sadan, Amperion CEO, adds, “This is a synergistic partnership between two companies that are committed to delivering energy-efficiency solutions by optimizing the use of existing infrastructure and helping utilities with deployment of new Smart Grid applications. The combination of Amperion’s highly reliable communications network with Exacter’s unique RFI-detection technology provides a continuous monitoring capability for early detection of failures. We’ve worked with Exacter’s equipment in the field, and it is accurate and highly effective, which is why we put this solution together.”

Andy Boatright, Utility Manager, City of Westerville Electric Division, feels that the combination of a communications network with a grid-reliability technology is an approach that holds tremendous potential. “We’ve done Exacter surveys for the last two years and are pleased with the results, but adding real-time problem alerts with the ability to locate them makes this a total reliability solution.”

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