Arkansas utility to maximize smart meter value with Advanced Grid Analytics

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By Nicholas Nhede, Smart Energy International

US utility Woodruff Electric Cooperative, an energy provider to 20,000 members in Arkansas, has selected Landis+Gyr to maximise the performance and benefits of its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The cooperative will take advantage of Landis+Gyr’s software-as-a-software Advanced Grid Analytics platform to enhance the management of grid assets.

The platform will enable the cooperative to maintain accurate meter-transformer mapping, assess transformer loading performance, identify abnormal meter consumption trends and event sequences, and get periodic system-level loading and loss reports.

The system will enable the utility to process data acquired from smart meters and grid devices including transformers during the night and access the results via email and a web portal in the morning. In so doing, the utility is able to plan its daily grid activities for reliability during times when energy demand and usage is high.

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Landis+Gyr claims the solution will enable Woodruff Electric Cooperative to address grid capacity challenges, ensure power quality and identify asset failures before they impact a wide range of consumers. This means the utility is able to reduce non-revenue losses during energy transportation and enhance customer services.

The project also enables the utility to ensure accurate consumer billings and the use of smart meter data to provide modern services.

James McMahan, AMI Manager at Woodruff Electric, said: “We are using advanced grid analytics to increase the value of our AMI data for revenue protection, demand response verification, transformer loading, and voltage mapping across the distribution system.”

McMahan said the project is part of efforts by the utility to use digital technologies to “…improve power quality and operational efficiency for our members.”

Jim Richardson, Senior Director of Sales at Landis+Gyr, added: “Our SaaS offering for analytics is a great fit for utilities that want to get more value from smart grid data without having to manage the IT resources in-house.

“This is a cost-effective way for small and midsize utilities to access distribution system analytics for improved reliability, day-to-day maintenance and planning.”

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