Cape Cod Commission, IBM collaborate on Smart Cape Cod initiative

Barnstable County, Mass., November 19, 2010 – The Cape Cod Commission and IBM announced a collaboration, dubbed “Smart Cape Cod,” to deploy sophisticated technology for more efficient management of physical infrastructure, protection of natural resources and enhanced opportunities for economic growth across the region. 

This initiative is intended to help Cape Cod execute its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, which promotes the use of technology solutions for renewable energy, environmental science, and marine/coastal industries, among other regional priorities.

It highlights the need to address choke points in physical infrastructure ­– such as insufficient telecommunications capacity, variable electric power, and lack of wastewater treatment facilities – that limit options for economic development. 

The commission and IBM, together with regional collaborators, aim to develop and implement a set of pilot projects to demonstrate the value of smart systems that use real-time information, connectivity and advanced analytics for addressing the Cape’s infrastructure.

The first phase of the Smart Cape Cod initiative, which will be completed by spring 2011, will focus on designing a Strategic Information Office and a Center of Excellence for Water Resources. The Strategic Information Office will guide the use of data, information, and technology for program management and policymaking, developing standards for data management, primary data collection systems and algorithms for the meshing of data sets.

The Center of Excellence for Water Resources will assess critical issues relating to water quality and management, centralizing water information and stimulating technology development needed to monitor and improve water quality and manage water and wastewater.

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