Companies, utilities, academics join GridWise Alliance

Washington, D.C., Aug. 31, 2011— The GridWise Alliance, a coalition advocating for the transformation of the electric system, today announced eight new members have joined its organization. The Alliance now boasts 138 members including utilities, technology companies, telecommunications corporations, equipment manufacturers and academia, all of which share a holistic and technology neutral view of a transformed electric system.

  • The new members include:
  • American Furukawa, Inc.
  • Glendale Water & Power
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Modern Energy Insights, Inc.
  • Modern Grid Solutions
  • OFFIS e.V.
  • SmartSenseCom, Inc.
  • The Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome our new members,” said Jim Morozzi, President and CEO, GridWise Alliance. “The expansion of the GridWise Alliance both domestically and internationally reflects the global movement towards transforming the electric grid. Our eight new members strengthen the Alliance with their diverse perspectives and signify throughout the industry a passion among companies, utilities and academics to lead the modernization of our electric system.”

New members will join the GridWise Alliance in promoting grid transformation initiatives through thought leadership, production of white papers and reports, and legislative advocacy. In doing so, Alliance members collaborate with like-minded groups around the globe. The annual GridWise Global Forum, scheduled for November 8-10, 2011 in Washington, DC, is but one of the ways the organization builds connections to those in the public and private sector who are working to realize a 21st century electric system.  Transformation of the electric grid presents an enormous opportunity to grow our nation’s labor workforce, spur new innovative industries, fuel investment and drive national competitiveness all while reducing our dependence on imported energy and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our members directly support and help execute our mission to secure our energy future by enhancing our economic productivity and efficiency, lessening our environmental impact, and improving global competitiveness,” added Morozzi. “With the addition of our new members, the GridWise Alliance is better able to carry out its mission and promote the advancement of the electric system.” 

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