Comverge integrates AMR metering technology into IntelliSOURCE platform

Norcross, Ga., October 18, 2010 – Comverge announced the integration of information from encoder-receiver-transmitter based automated meter reading meters into the Comverge IntelliSOURCE platform.

Leveraging remote AMR technology from Digi International, the ERT-based gateway technology enables utilities to use IntelliSOURCE to repurpose existing investments in AMR meters and network systems to view and analyze real-time, actionable energy consumption data from consumers and participants of demand response programs that use intelligent thermostats and other smart grid technology.

“To ease the transition to the smart grid it is vital that the industry is able to maximize the value of existing investments,” said Comverge President and CEO, R. Blake Young. “AMR infrastructure is a perfect example because with the correct Intelligent Energy Management solutions in place, it is possible to repurpose this technology and data to generate detailed and actionable insights into energy consumption. By repurposing that data and then seamlessly integrating it into IntelliSOURCE, our enterprise class software platform, the integration further extends our commitment to helping utilities transition to the smart grid.”

With an estimated 50 million automated home power meters in the U.S. only delivering one-way communication on electricity usage, the industry is still many years away from mass-market penetration of smart metering technology.

To bridge the gap and facilitate a true two-way dialogue on energy consumption between the providers and consumers of energy, the extension to the IntelliSOURCE platform enables utilities to easily leverage AMR infrastructure to achieve the insights into energy usage required to optimize energy supply and demand.

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