Current Group joins with Oracle to provide advanced smart grid solutions

Germantown, Md., February 1, 2011 – Current Group announced that it is teaming with Oracle to further improve the efficiency and reliability of the distribution grid.

Current’s intelligent distributed sensing, monitoring, and analytical technologies provide new sources of real-time data from throughout the distribution grid, allowing Oracle Utilities software solutions to make faster and more efficient responses to changing distribution grid conditions.

This enables utilities to conserve energy, improve efficiency and reduce outages. Current’s OpenGrid solutions are deployed and provide real-time data and analytics for Oracle Utilities’ mission-critical software applications, such as Oracle Utilities Network Management System, Oracle Utilities Work and Asset Management, and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management.

“Distributed renewables, electric vehicles, rising customer expectations and environmental pressures are creating new demands on the electric distribution grid. The result is that utilities require much more intelligence that is actionable in real-time,” according to Tom Casey, CEO of Current Group. “Current has always focused on providing that intelligence in a manner that improves the existing utility operations and enterprise systems like those provided by Oracle.”

This new collaboration is an expansion of Current’s existing Oracle technology relationship since Oracle’s databases and other underlying technology are a key part of Current’s solutions.

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