Electric vehicles, smart grid get a boost from eMotorWerks charging stations

OSIsoft and eMotorWerks, a provider of smart grid electric vehicle charging solutions, announced that eMotorWerks has incorporated OSIsoft’s PI System in its cloud-based smart grid charging platform through a connected services agreement. This solution will further optimize EV charging while improving grid stability.

The solution will provide scalable real-time data storage, real-time availability and streamlined data flows between eMotorWerks’ platform and independent service operators, regional transmission operators, utilities and other energy balancing authorities.

Through improved real-time visibility of power grid parameters and consumer EV charging demand, eMotorWerks helps grid operators and utilities improve load distribution and grid stability while minimizing needs for expensive generation or transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades.

Integrated into eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet platform is OSIsoft‘s PI System that combines sensor-based data from eMotorWerks’ network of JuiceBox charging stations with data from electrical utilities and independent system operators.

Growing EV popularity presents an increasing challenge and opportunity to grid operators and utilities, accounting for large, synchronized loads on the electric grid and undesirable demand peaks. By incorporating algorithms with user-configurable parameters to automatically manage these highly shiftable loads, eMotorWerks offers a smarter, cleaner and more predictable grid load to support the growing number of EVs. With up to 10 million electric vehicles expected on the U.S. roads by 2025, intelligent management of EV charging loads is a critical capability for the national grid.

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