Elster launches EnergyAxis 7.5

Raleigh, N.C., February 1, 2011 — Elster announced the release of EnergyAxis 7.5, the newest version of the company’s end-to-end smart grid solution, which has more than 80 systems deployed by customers around the world.

Elster’s EnergyAxis 7.5, with enhanced security features, interoperability and architecture, empowers utilities to deliver vast advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) benefits to customers.

Additionally, EnergyAxis enables AMI and distribution automation convergence through built-in applications such as transformer monitoring, load and voltage optimization and load control.

EnergyAxis 7.5 uses defined Internet Protocol (IP) standards to optimize network integration and interoperability. Support for TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6 provides utilities with increased interoperability and more multi-technology options. EnergyAxis 7.5 continues to support IP-based meters built on defined and open (non-proprietary) standards.

Mesh enhancements enable utilities to create network infrastructure on-demand, ensuring a more reliable, scalable, higher bandwidth infrastructure that enhances the performance of running applications. Other updates include priority routing and the ability to quickly recover endpoints that become disconnected.

Utilities will now enjoy streamlined integration of electric meters from different vendors through the improved interoperability offered by EnergyAxis 7.5. This interoperability ensures that EnergyAxis 7.5 users have flexibility in their technology choices and are not locked into a single technology. In addition, common information model (CIM) interoperability demonstrations improve data flow and data interpretation across the smart grid network.

Elster’s EnergyAxis 7.5 delivers a multi-technology communications infrastructure designed to facilitate the convergence of AMI and DA. Utilities can leverage an existing AMI network to enable DA applications including transformer monitoring, voltage conservation and load shedding.

For the electrical grid, a second generation advanced grid infrastructure (AGI) LVnode for transformer monitoring and an AGI MVnode (a line monitor using ABB GridSync capability) improve remote monitoring and control.

Additionally, EnergyAxis 7.5 provides system-wide demand response support, including pricing, messaging and load control, and integrated support for home energy management.

Building on Elster’s already advanced security features, EnergyAxis 7.5 uses National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved standards to offer a number of security enhancements to ensure the supportability of the entire grid. These enhancements increase the safety of a utility’s infrastructure and further protect the privacy of smart meter data.

Key management ensures that individual encryption keys are updated and readily available, improving information flow across the entire IT system. An open standard wide area network (WAN) protocol enables support for TCIP/IP code division multiple access (CDMA) direct WAN connected devices, improving the interoperability and security of network devices. Elster also provides enhanced security support for meter programming software.

For more information, please visit Elster at booth 901 at the DistribuTECH conference from February 1-3 in San Diego.


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