Elster launches three-phase disconnect meter for Latin America

Raleigh, N.C., June 10, 2011 — Elster released a new three-phase disconnect electricity meter for the Latin American market. With a built-in internal disconnect, the electric meter enables utilities to remotely shut off power from a single location.

This remote shut-off capability delivers advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) benefits in the form of revenue protection and operational efficiency improvements.

The internal disconnect is enabled by a 100-amp A3 EnergyAxis-network interface card. The A3 EA-NIC electric meter meets all American National Standards Institute requirements for an internal disconnect and is ideal for deployments at residential and smaller commercial and industrial locations.

The three-phase A3 meter enables utilities to drastically cut truck rolls, reducing operating costs related to vehicle fuel and maintenance. In addition, the A3 EA-NIC meter helps protect utility revenue streams by preventing non-technical losses and also enables delivery of new customer services, such as pre-payment programs.

As with all of Elster’s metering technology, the A3 EA-NIC electric meter uses Elster’s patented digital measurement techniques to provide high accuracy, repeatability and low ownership costs. The meter, which is the same size with or without the remote disconnect switch, is fully programmable and features wide operating ranges for voltage, current and temperature.


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