eMeter expansion smart meter deployment in Taiwan

San Mateo, Calif., May 19, 2011 — Global smart grid information platform provider eMeter has successfully completed the integration of 308 branded meters into its software, and will begin phase two of its pilot program “AMI Deployment and Technology Feasibility Study” in Taiwan.

This program was initiated last year when the pilot program adopted eMeter EnergyIP platform and customer web portal as its smart grid information management solution. As Taiwan moves forward in smart grid implementation, eMeter will continue to provide its partners with intensive training and frontline support.

eMeter has successfully integrated different meters with the eMeter platform in phase one of smart meter pilot program in Taiwan. Meanwhile, it also provided local partners trainings and frontline support to save collaborators time and cost on development.

Presently, it has completed the installation of 308 meters, tested different communication protocols including PLC, ZigBee and WiFi, and set up a Traditional Chinese interface for its customer web portal Energy Engage.

Furthermore, eMeter has effectively integrated different brand meters to its Meter Data Management System, while integrating meter data from the head end to eMeter EnergyIP.

Looking forward to phase two, eMeter will continue to work alongside its local partner in installing 400 additional meters, as well as providing Home Area Network meter data support. eMeter will also enable its core reporting module, and provide consultation on training local personnel to create customized reports.

Through this pilot program, eMeter not only demonstrates the company’s comprehensive technical resources and training capabilities for local partners, but also proves the reliability and scalability of its MDMS platform.

The advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project was officially initiated in 2010 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, promoting smart grid brand meter installations locally while forming related regulations.

With eMeter’s expertise and support, Taiwan’s smart meter infrastructure will continue to expand, and is expected to generate internationalization in many local industries.

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